Spring Scarf Ideas From The Queen

I often mock my uber-nice friend, The Queen, for her daily scarf wear. For a bit, myself and several co-workers were not sure that she even had a clavicle. No matter if it is 18 or 80 degrees, The Queen is wearing a scarf.

Since the weather in Baltimore has been so all over the place lately, I decided that maybe The Queen was on to something. My new office is chilly, but not quite so chilly I need a sweater. A scarf is the perfect addition to my outfit to keep the new-office-shivers away.

My favorite scarf right now is a very light Viscose (a fancy way of saying Rayon) scarf from Fraas. It's a really light camel color, which goes with almost everything, especially my red hair. It's light enough to wear when the temps are in the 70s and keeps the chill away when the temperatures dip a little lower.

 (The Queen in action, with her scarf-wearing amigo.)
While I would be prone to doing the simple loop around the neck, Queenie has other ideas.

The Queen loves to wear a scarf to the club, the office, everywhere. Her Majesty always has a scarf in her purse for every occasion imaginable. She is an unstoppable tour de force of scarf!

Her favorite way to wear a scarf in warmer months is what she's named the Hang Loose. Loop the scarf around your neck once, and then tie the loose ends together, forming a second loop. It's easy, pretty and suitable for the office or a casual brunch on the weekend.

If you started the day with a tank and a light cardigan, only to find yourself chilly in the evening, Queenie prefers to wear what I've named, in her honor, The Clav-Away. Loop the scarf around your neck twice and tuck the remaining ends into the folds of the scarf to create a tighter version of the snood.

Want to wear a tank and shorts, but feel slightly exposed? The Queen suggests going for The Director. Wrap the scarf somewhat snugly around your neck once, wrapping the ends around your neck from the front and let the ends hang down in front.

Do you like to wear a scarf year round? Since I received this one, I've taken it with me everywhere. It's the perfect weight for this time of year!

Scarf was sent for review. 

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  1. Thanks for the article on scarves. I love them but basically do the "director" and love other ideas. Thank the Queen for the giving your readers that are handicapped for ideas some more ways to think about!

  2. I'm so glad you like the tips! The Queen is my go to girl for all things scarves!

  3. This is great - I never know what to do with scarves!


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