Reviva Labs Light Skin Peel

Mamalox tested a Reviva Labs product for me a few months ago and since her success, I've wanted to try some of their other products. I jumped at the chance to try their Light Skin Peel, a masque that has users returning, year after year.

Imported years ago from Europe, long before exfoliation was a standard part of skincare, Light Skin Peel offered a way to refresh the skin and give it a younger, new appearance. This masque claims to improve color, clarity, and even the texture of skin.

(It's a bit of an effort to smile and make this crack.)

Its application is slightly different from other masques. You apply a thin layer to clean, dry skin. Then wait for a few minutes. The masque will dry on your face and when you smile, it will start to crackle, which I totally enjoy for some strange reason. It doesn't do anything fancy. It just cracks. To remove the masque, take a dry washcloth and start buffing your face. While the masque does contain salicylic acid, I am fairly certain it's the removal process along with the granular bits that does the serious exfoliation.

(This concoction works wonders!)

Once you have fully removed the masque, you can apply your daily serums, moisturizers or SPF. My skin was glowing afterwards. And while I know that products really don't shrink the size of pores, I would swear on Bean the cat that the pores around my nose (the ones I always complain about) looked much less noticeable and were smaller after the masque. The one thing you should know about this before purchasing is that it does smell strongly of thyme, which I don't mind. But if you aren't expecting it, it's a bit surprising.

This little gem sells for around $20 (or less) in a variety of wellness shops and online.

Item was sent for review. Reviva Labs does not test on animals.

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