Hair Update: How to Avoid the Blow Dryer

Around the end of 2009, I decided I would grow out my very short pixie haircut into long, luscious hair, like the locks of my new office mate, Miss Coach.

(My new office mate is a dead ringer for Connie Britton.)

I didn't know real people could have hair like that! Now I have something to strive for. My hair is unlikely to ever get that long, as my stylist Bethany will tell you, but a girl has to have dreams, right?

(This is my hairspiration poster I made for my stylist, at her request. I can't believe I left Connie Britton off.)
After a year and a half, my hair is finally (almost) touching my shoulders. It hasn't been this long in more than 15 years. I can even wear it pulled up, which surprises me every time. However, my once short hair now has issues from all of the constant coloring and styling I've done to it. I've been hearing that hair may have an "expiration date", meaning that some hair won't grow and play nicely after a certain amount of time. For me, I was starting to fear I was at that limit. My hair about an inch below my ear was NOT attractive. It was over-processed, dry and had a mind of its own.

So instead of putting my hair dreams back in the closet, I decided to try some other strategies.

The first was to start using a hair growth product again. In the past, I've had great success with some products, so I know they can really work. Right now, I'm using Leonor Greyl's Complexe Energisant. I've been using it for about 7 weeks and so far, I am starting to see a little difference. These things don't happen overnight, so I'll have to get back to you.

My other strategy is to take a major break from the blowdryer and flat iron. So far, I've been avoiding heated styling products for about a week and I am already seeing a major difference in my hair. It's softer, behaving better and has more movement. Granted, some days it's wavy and some days it's casually flippy, but the difference in my hair's texture is amazing. All I do is wash and condition (I'm in love with Giovanni's Colorflage Shampoo and Conditioner for Red Hair) and add a leave in product or texturizer and let my hair dry. The key to avoiding frizz is to avoid touching it, which is fairly hard to do.

I've been searching high and low for the perfect leave in product that allows my hair to dry without frizz or flyaways, while still looking attractive. It's a tall order. I've found that no matter what I use, I need to have a glossing cream nearby, like Phyto's Cream Brilliance, to flatten flyways on the top of my hair and bangs.

What is your favorite way to wet-style your hair? Do you have one? I realize not everyone can let their hair air dry (like Miss Coach, above) without looking like a hobo. But I love the change it's making in my hair.

So far, I've found that using a quarter size amount of Phyto's Phyto7 is making an huge difference in my hair. It's got a bit of natural wave, but doesn't look unruly. And the softness and overall feeling of my hair is amazing!

What is your favorite way to baby your hair and bring it from lifeless to luscious? 

Some products sent for review. Giovanni doesn't test on animals. Phyto does not test on animals. Leonor Greyl does not test on animals.

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  1. I avoid sulfates in shampoo they strip natural oils and are hell on the environment. I use Alaffia products, coconut waters, sheas, and just all natural good stuff. I wash only once or twice a week and use dry shampoo in between. xo


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