Fusion Beauty LashFusion XL Micro-Technology™ Instant Lash Volumizer

Too bad the mascara name "Falsies" was already taken. This mascara would have been a much better choice to use that moniker.

LashFusion XL delivers serious lashes with only one product. Usually, I end up using a base mascara to give me length and a volumizing mascara to give me oomph.

This mascara does both, without clumping or flaking. Plus, it contains fatty acids, wheat flower lipids and avocado oil to condition lashes.

It also keeps my normally straight lashes curled perfectly all day long. With no flaking, smudging or fall out. This mascara is pretty amazing!

Product sent for review. Fusion Beauty does not test on animals.

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  1. Wow, some serious volumising power! Your lashes look amazing.

  2. Thanks! My lashes use to be really short. I've been using RevitaLash and the results are fairly amazing. But this mascara brings a serious wow factor!

  3. I LOVE this mascara--it doesn't get enough love for sure!

  4. OMG!!! Kelly, your lashes are gorgeous!!!! I also love the teal/blue/aqua shadow you have on- what is it???

  5. thanks Debra!! It's one of my favorites - the Buxom Bulldog. I love those shadows!!

  6. Holy moly! That is SERIOUS stuff!

  7. HOLY COW! That stuff makes your lashes look divine. And no flaking? I must get some. Today. :)


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