Good Morning, Gorgeous! A New Seven Piece Collection from Bare Escentuals

You may have seen my tease on this collection last month on Facebook (if we aren't friends already, make it so!). 

The colors are beyond gorgeous and if you are a simple chica, you could even stick with this collection and a few liners and never have a dull moment, shadow-speaking, again.

Sunday is a matte fawn. Monday is a sheer and very sparkly baby blue, infused with periwinkle, purple and blue flecks of shimmer. This color is sure to perk up your Monday morning peepers!  Tuesday takes it down a notch with a slightly-shimmery-darker-than-baby-perfect-pink. Skipping ahead to Saturday, it's a beautiful girl-next-door-goes-clubbing shade of ingenue sheer white with loads of iridescent sparkle.

I am personally in love with Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I can't stop playing with them.  Friday is a dark, smoky bluish green. This color can go from intense to a barely there glimmer. The best part? It doesn't fade to black when you over-blend it. Thursday is a rosy brown with teal/green shimmer. One way, and it's a rosy tan bunch of gorgeous. The other way, it's got a lot of green or teal shimmer. It all depends on which way the light hits this color. My favorite is Wednesday. It's a bright and complex green, made up of a million different and sparkly shades comprised of greens and golds. All three of these colors are highly shiny, blendable and must-haves!
(From the bottom to the top: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Photos aren't doing the colors justice, as they change how they look depending on the angle of the light. Here is another photo of the colors swatched with a slightly lighter hand.

(In the same order, just swatched slightly lighter.)

This collection is available on QVC for $32.68 and is one of the must-have collections of recent months. Trust me, you are going to lust after these colors!

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