A Beautiful Change Starts with a Single Step! Join Aveeno & Become an Active Natural!

Aveeno is launching a major effort today to show everyone how one small step can have a major impact on our future. Starting today, you can become a fan of Aveeno on Facebook and make a pledge to take one step in a healthy, sustainable direction.

How can one small step change the world? Here is the deal. If enough of us bond together to make a change, even a bunch of different and little changes, it will have an impact on our global health. I made a pledge in February to Aveeno to use less water. And since then, I have. It's that simple. No one is suggesting that you should become like No Impact Man, but any change you make towards living a healthy and sustainable life means a better future for those who come after us.

But what does this have to do with beauty? Plenty! Pledge to make one change on Aveeno's Facebook page. When you share your pledge on your own wall, you will earn points towards rewards from Aveeno through their innovative partner, RecycleBank. More pledges mean more rewards, which mean more positive changes for the future. See how what goes around, comes around?

Aveeno is helping to lead the way towards a beautifully sustainable future through their products, their packaging and their corporate philosophies. Who knew? While other companies are talking about how to reduce emissions and their footprint, Aveeno (and their parent company, Johnson & Johnson) has actually reduced their CO2 emissions by 16% between the years of 1990 and 2009 . Waste generation is down by more than 30% since 2005. Sustainability and corporate responsibility have been a part of their culture since the 1930s. This isn't their first foray into sustainability. It's just probably the first time you are hearing about it.

What small step are you willing to take? Share yours on Aveeno's Facebook page. And if you are in NYC on Thursday or Friday, swing by Times Square between 10am and 7pm to see something you'd never expect to see. If you can see the forest for the trees, take a picture and send it to me!

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