Big Trend In NYFW 2010 Eyeshadow from MUFE and Estee Lauder

I didn't go to NYFW (I don't have the shoes, as Anne can attest), but from where I sit (reading the press releases) there is a big trend for eyeshadow lurking around the corner for Fall. The question is, will you embrace, experiment or run?

From Make Up For Ever at the Libertine and Yoana Baraschi Shows:

From Tom Pecheux for Estée Lauder at the Derek Lam Show:

Does this shape have a name? Anyone? Bueller? I don't know. To me, it's an elongated and higher eyeshadow cat eye without much shading or blending. I dig the drama, but not the harsh lines. What do you think?

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  1. Super pretty! I will def. try it, just maybe not at work!

  2. tbh...I`ve been trying a little like this for the last 2 weeks :) I got myself some nice colors of eyeshadow from MAC, bit deep dark blueish, but since I don`t have a proper primer and I always get warm at work by the end of the day it looks like sh*t :)Hhmmm what brand of primerish stuff would you recommend this newbie??

  3. Hi Martje!
    Right now, I am liking Stila's Primer Pot, Shadow Insurance from Too Faced and Urban Decay for primers. Too faced also has a new glitter insurance out that is serious stuff. If fading or smearing is your issue, then you should check out Too Faced!

  4. I LOVE that shape, to be honest :)

  5. I think I will try it, but not as dramatic (shocking, I know) and with some blending.


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