Winter Skin Saviors, Part I

I am hot on the trail of anything to help shield my delicate, already on the dry side skin and hair from the very cold winter weather we've got going on here on the east coast. Not to whine, but it's really, really cold and windy lately in Baltimore. Going from freezing cold to my (finally working really well) heated home is sucking out the small amount of moisture I had in my skin and hair. I've found a few things that work up to my standards of helpful for dry skin. If you're in camp alligator skin like me, check these out for some real relief.

Votre Vu Champagne Kisses Enhancing Lip Balm is replacing my previous all time favorite go-to lip balms. It's silky smooth, lasts for a nice amount of time, isn't greasy and feels like it works deeply on my lips to keep them hydrated and supple. Some hydrating lip products seem to just make my lips flake, making them drier than when I had started. Not this. I love this.

My hands and cuticles crack and couldn't be uglier than they are during the winter months. Very few things are actually helpful. They are so bad, I haven't even dared write about my new love of Konad nail art because I'm embarrassed by my own hands. Arbonne Aromassential Dead Sea Salt Scrub makes your hands feel like new. I've been using it twice a day and it is actually getting my hands back into shape.

It leaves your hands feeling soft and blanketed by moisture that doesn't leave hands greasy. Plus the exfoliating bits remove dead skin, making your hands look moisturized, fresh and radiant. Don't just keep this gem for your hands, use it on your entire body for some serious moisture!

Every now and then, delightful unexpected treasures show up in my mailbox. MamaLox and I were getting ready for some girl time when this little wonder arrived at Chez Lox. We immediately tested Josh Rosebrook's Active Enzyme Exfoliator on our hands and marveled at how it instantly did exactly what it said it would.

According to the website, Parlour on 3rd, this Active Enzyme Exfoliator contains powerful herbal enzymes and walnut shell particles that dissolve dead skin cells to reveal fresh, luminous skin - allowing the potent blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, amino & fatty acids to deeply penetrate and fully nourish the dermis.

Our hands instantly looked incredibly radiant and felt smoother than a baby's tuckus. The next day when I used it on my face after waking up, my skin was unbelievably clear, smooth and radiant. It felt soft like silk and was perfectly balanced. It's 100% organic and is chemical-free. I know, walnut shells? But trust me, these are tiny and work wonders in conjunction with this molasses-like concoction.

Votre Vu, Arbonne and Josh Rosebrook do not test on animals. All products were sent for review.

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