Tone Body Wash White Clay and Pink Jasmine Smells Amazing!

I have two main requirements for body washes. I'm simple (for the most part) when it comes to these things.

1. It has to NOT dry out my skin.

2. It has to smell divine.

Oddly, for someone who isn't picky about scent, I am extremely picky about my scented body wash. I love it when you pop the top of the bottle and a fragrance wafts through the shower. And then, usually as quickly as it started, the scent is gone, and all I am left with is whatever my conditioner smells like.

It's so disappointing.
This is not the case with Tone's White Clay and Pink Jasmine body wash. The scent actually lasts throughout the entire shower. From opening the top, to the pouffy sponge, to the end of my shower, it smells wonderful.

As a bonus, my bottle has a nifty reminder about how to do self breast exams, which I appreciate. Even though I know I am supposed to do self breast exams I often forget, what with the oddities surrounding my days. So I honestly appreciate the little reminder!

If you like simple, lovely smelling body wash that doesn't dry you out, definitely check out the Tone's White Clay and Pink Jasmine Body Wash.

This was sent for review. Tone does test on animals.

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