Smashbox In Bloom Collection

The other day I wrote about what was inspiring me currently. A soft, defined eye. A sheer, yet colorful sculpted cheek. Natural, soft-looking lips. The In Bloom Collection from Smashbox fits my current mood perfectly!

The entire collection includes the following:

In Bloom Limitless Long Wearing Lip Gloss in Endless Kiss and Timeless

Soft Focus Powder Eye Liner in Heather and Dark Brown

In Bloom Creamy Cheek Duo

I've tried a few of these items, so let's discuss!

(Timeless Lip Gloss and the obligatory shot of Bean Pie, who begs to be blogged about.)

The Limitless Long Wear Lip Gloss is sheer, with a hint of color. I have it in Timeless, which is a really light nude-ish pink. It is not kidding when it boasts wearing for a long time. I've easily gone three hours without needing to touch up my gloss. I'm not talking my lips still felt like they had something on them...I mean I was glossy!

That said, if you don't like sticky glosses, you may want to test these in a store first. I find them to be so sticky, they aren't sticky any more, if that makes sense.

(Timeless, swatched.)

I find that I really, really like the formula.

And I love how long it wears. But if you are prone to being unhappy with glosses that are on the sticky side, this may not be for you.

I've been wearing the Powder Liner for a few days now and love it. It too stays on all day with zero fall out, smudging or migrating. I was actually a little surprised that it wore as well as it did, considering it's not a heavy application of powder. (I did wear it with a primer, as I do everything, every day.)

The applicator is like a mini doe foot applicator for eye liner. I didn't experience any fallout when I applied the liner, which I kind of expected.

(Heather, swatched lightly.)

Right now, I only have the Heather, but I am definitely going to need to pick up the Dark Brown (which I think is more bronze-y than brown-y).

The Cream Cheek Duo still satisfies my jones for a subtle-yet-bright, fresh-yet-sculpted cheek. I've been applying this with my fingers and have had great success.

This cheek color is not particularly creamy, however. It feels lighter to me than a typical cream blush. It is almost like a blendable stain that had a baby with a cream blush. Does that make sense?

I've used it for several days and the product barely looks touched. I've been wearing the darker shade on the lower half of my cheekbone and apple and adding the lighter color to the top of my cheekbone and the apple of my cheek. I think it gives a radiant look and lasts for a nice amount of time (my face eats blush, of all things, but this held its own for a work day). It blends so naturally and is so fresh looking, it's a must have for spring.

(I'm wearing the Creamy Cheek Duo and the Limitless Long Wear Lip Gloss.)

This collection is available from Smashbox, Sephora, Ulta and the other usual suspects. Anything make your yearning for spring tingle in this collection? Thoughts? Tell me all about it!

Product was sent for review. Smashbox doesn't test on animals.

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  1. This collection looks very promising! But what stood out more to me is your hair in the last photo. OMG your hair is growing nicely and looks amazingly cute :-)

  2. I love this collection! Was curious about the blush but they were sold out so I got the eye shadow palette instead. Makes sense, right? Anyway review coming soon!

  3. Love the blush on you! Very fresh and brightening. I love the duo aspect of it too--it gives you versatility!

  4. Ooeehh dibs on the eye shadow palette, those colors look so lovely! :)

    wow your hair gets so long, looks cute with the curly effect!

  5. I am so glad to read this review! I have had my eye on that collection since the first promo pics were released. I can't wait to try everything out!

  6. Ooooh that blush! I must go find before it sells out. You look just beautiful in it! *wants*


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