New from Buxom: Smoky Eye Sticks In Eight Action-Packed Colors!

I loved, loved, loved Samantha's Smoky Eye from Buxom when it launched last fall. What made the kit so amazing was the Smoky Eye Stick in black. It smudged in a way that was different from other chubby liners or shadows and it wore amazingly well. The stick was also waterproof and packed with vitamin E and aloe, which helped it glide into place and stay there once it was smoked, smudged or lined.

(My original Samantha's Smoky Eye Look)

On the heels of that success, next week, Buxom is launching a full line of Smoky Eye Sticks.

I couldn't be more excited! They will be available at Sephora ($18 each) in eight kick butt colors:

Ice Pick, a smoky grey.

Silver Sword, a smoky silver.

Nunchucks, a royal blue.

Bow and Arrow, a smoky moss.

5" Stiletto, a smoky plum.

Brass Knuckles, a smoky bronze.

Two By Four, a brownish black.

Smokin' Pistol, a smoky coal.

The way you can wear these colors is endless, but here are some tips I picked up along the way.

(From the top: Ice Pick, Nunchucks, Smokin' Pistol, Silver Sword, Two By Four, 5" Stiletto, Brass Knuckles, Bow & Arrow)

Start with the Prime Time Eyelid Primer. It helps these sticks adhere even more. These Smoky Eye Sticks have slightly less "tack" than the original that came with Samantha's Smokey Eye kit. These have a little more glide and a little more workability time.

(Ice Pick, Nunchucks, Smokin' Pistol, Silver Sword.)

Because of that, they work best with the Stay There Shadows and the regular BE eye shadows. It's been my experience that the High Shine Eye Shadow with the wand applicator does not allow for these to "grip" as well, so stick to your basic colors.

(Two By Four, 5" Stiletto, Brass Knuckles, Bow & Arrow.)

(Wearing the Prime Time Eye Primer in Gold, Poodle on the lid and Brass Knuckles smudged up from the lash line.)

You can use these Smoky Eye Sticks to create a myriad of looks. Go goth like Taylor Momsen using the smoky coal as a shadow, smoke out a plum eye for an evening on the town or do a thick line from the outside half of the iris with the smoky grey for a respectable, but butt kicking daytime look. Even reinvent your favorite shadows by using a Smoky Stick under your shadow for a quick, easy, multidimensional look.

(Nunchucks and Black Ice (shadow) - a lethal combination that dads* everywhere warn you about!)

The looks you can get with these colors are truly limitless. To get the most out of them, I strongly urge you to get the brush that comes separately.

You'll use this to add crease color with regular shadows too. Something about it fits perfectly in the crease of your eye. I use mine almost every day, even if I'm not using Nunchucks as a way to prepare for my day.

These will be available in February at Sephora for $18 and the brush will retail for $17. What colors do you have your eye on?

These were sent for review. Buxom and BE don't test on animals.

*If my Dad were still alive, he would warn me about black ice any time there was the smallest chance it was out there, lurking along country roads. It makes me smile to know that my twin** Licia's Dad still does the same thing...

** Clearly, we aren't real twins. But in old photos, we were practically indistinguishable from each other. And no, we weren't trying to look alike. We just did.

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  1. ooeehh sexy smokey eyes :) I`m very curious about the plum as well tbh!!

  2. I should really look into these since I love my MAC greasestick pencils. I have a thing for shadow sticks.

    I love the thought you had about your father. Thanks for sharing. As much as my Father and I try to see eye to eye, I will always love the unsolicited advice he will try to give me!

  3. My Dad passed away a few years ago - I wish I would have listened more (and learned how to change the oil and weld, two things he was always offering to teach). Now every time Black Ice comes up, I smile and think of him!

  4. Couple of thoughts: Clearly, you look way better than Taylor Momsen and your eyes are gorgeous in these colors.
    And secondly, the memories of those we love are so important--funny what brings them to mind sometimes! Hold on to them!!!


  5. Nunchucks and Black Ice! Pretty!


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