Mally Long-Wear Illuminating Blush System with Brush

I am bad at cheeks. There. I said it. Maybe it's because my face is fuller than I would like, or maybe it's because I never get the placement quite right. Or maybe it's because I talk on a cell phone a lot, which rubs on my cheek. Either way, by noon, my blush is always gone, so it doesn't really matter. Primers, powders and potions don't keep my blush on.

I recently picked up Mally's Long Wear Illuminating Blush System and Brush in part of a Mally Beauty TSV (which I LOVE!). My favorite piece of the kit has to be the blush. Here is how the "System" works.

It's available in two colors, Glow Lighter and Glow Deeper. I picked the Glow Lighter. It comes with a cream blush, a powder blush and a double ended brush.

The cream side is a gorgeous pinky-peach color that dries down instantly. Blend it on to the apples of your cheeks with the flat side of the brush.

(Top color is the powder. Middle color is the cream. Bottom color is the combined result.)

Next, using the fluffier side of the brush, apply the powder side to your apples. I also like to blend back towards my ear slightly as well.

The two textures create a lit from within radiance that defines cheek bones and looks amazing. And it lasts all day long, which basically never happens for me.

(Same look, slightly different light.)

If you use a face perfecter, like Mally's Poreless Face Defender*, you may want to skip putting it over your blush, as I think it makes the color look very muted. Either way, I love it!

I bought this. Mally Beauty doesn't test on animals.
*I've come around to liking the sponge this product comes with. I still think sponges aren't all that sanitary, but it does give a beautiful finish.

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  1. Very pretty! I ordered this kit too. Are you wearing the other TSV products in the pic, lips and eyes?

  2. Hi!
    Thank you! I believe I am actually wearing Dalton shadows and liner and maybe the traces of what was the gloss in the TSV? I am wearing Mally's 2 step concealer system in this photo as well!

  3. Kelly,
    I got this too and I'm loving the blush as well. Just about everything in the kit is great. Have you tried the twilight eyeshadow yet? Wow, does it stay put! The gloss is a pretty wearable shade too.

    P.S. I nominated you for a Bloggie!

  4. Kelly, oh my goodness, you look amazing!! I mean, besides the blush, you just look damn good, woman!

  5. Shayne, you have made my bad day considerably better. Thank you!!! xoxo


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