Dalton Brow Fix Natural Brow Gel with Brush

Dalton is one of those brands on the Q that always exceeds my expectations with innovative products. But something that came in a package yesterday was different.

It actually made me squeal with delight!

Brow products for redheads are hard to find. Clinique made a good one EONS ago and then discontinued it. BE and Anastasia have one, but I haven't been able to find a realistic auburn in a gel/cream that isn't too heavy, too fake-y fake red and that stays in place. And I've been looking!

Then I discovered Brow Fix Natural Brow Gel from Dalton. First of all, I should mention that it is available in colors for everyone, not just for red heads. So if you're not ginger, they have one for you too!

( A swatch of the auburn color.)

The color looks amazing. My brow "tails" are still in place at the end of the day, without smearing or fading. (I suppose you can rub it off it you tried, but don't do that and you'll be fine, K?) It even made it through a Zumba class without coming off! (And by class, I mean in my living room, on my Wii, with Loxy.)

(My brows are sparse and have no color on their own.)

But here is the best part. It's not just a brow gel. Leave it to Dalton to come up with a new twist on a mainstay product. Here is how it's different.

(This is what my brows look like with no makeup.)

(The tail of my brow naturally ends a little past my iris. I love how this extends my brow, with a natural look.)

First of all, the brow gel actually has little fibers, which are barely detectable, that attach to your brow, making the brow look fuller and younger. It also contains a boatload of vitamins and Nutra 6 Complex that helps stimulate hair growth and help fill out sparse brows:

  • Nutra 6 Complex™- powerful blend of the 6 essential nutrients necessary for optimum hair health and condition.
  • Vitamin E- antioxidant which protects cell structure from free radicals which can cause damage and stress to hair
  • Vitamin C- antioxidant which stimulates hair growth and instantly brightens your skin
  • Vitamin B3- activates oxygen transport to hair follicles that stimulate hair growth and provide moisturizing and emollient effect.
  • Vitamin B5-maintains the moisture level of the hair, simulates cell growth and tissue regeneration, stops inflammation and helps recover tissue damage.
  • Vitamin B6- essential for normal cell functioning acts
That is a hard working Brow Gel, right? I haven't been using it long enough to tell if it has helped my tail-less brows fill in, but I love the look and performance of this brow gel! Because this is a gel product, it's important to keep the lid sealed tightly. I have tons of dried out screw top products, which irks me to no end.

(Two lids!)

Dalton took the worry out of wasting your product by including a snap top lid with an inner snap top lid! I love this.

It's available from QVC for less than $30 and it comes with its own short, angled brow brush, which is perfect for creating lust-worthy arches. This is earning a permanent place on my vanity!

This product was sent for review. Dalton does not test on animals.

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