CoverGirl NatureLuxe Liquid Silk Foundation

CoverGirl recently launched their new NatureLuxe line, which includes some really nice lip balms and a foundation, NatureLuxe Liquid Silk Foundation.

Made with cucumber, rose hip extracts and jojoba it is formulated to glide on like silk and give you a healthy glow with a polished finish. It's available in 14 colors and available at all drug stores and chains for around $12. This foundation is creamier and slightly lighter than previous CG foundations I have tried. I immediately liked the texture and feel!

But how did it wear?

I've had mixed results with this foundation (and I am admittedly hard on drugstore foundations). I've worn it on several days with no oxidation and I've worn it on other days where it did go slightly yellow on me after an hour or so of wear. I'm not sure what the difference was but clearly, it's related to my body chemistry.

I love how it looks when I first put it on. It looks luminous, smooth, even and really pretty, with just a bit of light coverage. I've been applying all of my foundation with a brush lately and love how this looks when I use a brush.

The issue I have comes up around 30 - 60 minutes after application. It does start to settle into fine lines slightly and on some days, oxidized slightly, leaving me with an obvious line of demarcation between my chin and neck. That is a bit of a deal breaker for me, but again, I am super, overly, picky to the point of possibly having a diagnosis on the DSM-V about foundation matching me correctly.

So who would I recommend this for?

If you are looking for a light foundation with some coverage and a radiant finish, this might be for you, providing you aren't trying to cover fine lines. This is probably a really nice foundation for anyone under the age of 30 and it is certainly priced right!

Have you tried NatureLuxe by CoverGirl? Let me know what you thought in the comments!

This product was sent for review. CoverGirl does test on animals.

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  1. It looks like a fair amount of coverage, but for drugstore my fave is still Revlon's PhotoReady.

  2. I REALLY wanted to like it (I am such a sucker for marketing and Taylor Swift) but I had such a hard time with the color! It went on and made me look pasty.

  3. I really wanted to love it (I am a sucker for the Taylor Swift marketing) but it looked so pasty on me, even after trying 3-4 different shades. I didn't feel like you got very much for the cost.


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