Boost Your Skincare! YBF Hydrate B & Antioxidants Concentrates

Some lines are just smart. They figure out what is missing and make it so. And for my winter skin, YBF is doing just that with two new supplemental products, Hydrate B Concentrate and Antioxidants Concentrate.

Love your skin care regimen but wish it was a little more hydrating, to help overcome dryness brought on by seasonal changes (or just because)? YBF has the answer.

They've created a skin care supplement, Hydrate B Concentrate, that adds moisture to skin and helps the moisture go deeper into the skin, leaving you with supple, soft skin. You can add this to your current moisturizer for your face or body. You can even add it to a mask or serum to boost your skin's hydration. Dry skin is my number one problem during the colder months and since I have been using this (early December), I haven't had one dry patch on my cheeks, which are normally scaly and itchy by now.

YBF also recently introduced their Antioxidants Concentrate, which can be added to any product to boost its effectiveness. According to YBF, here is how it works:

Ferulic Acid

Ferulic acid is a great free radical scavenger.

Spin Trap

Spin trap, which is sometimes called an intelligent antioxidant, actually stabilizes molecules before they become damaging free radicals and so it's extremely protective for your skin. In addition to its free radical superhero capabilities, spin trap also helps "recharge" other antioxidants, making them more effective and for longer periods which increases effectiveness of formulas containing spin trap.


Along with spin trap, is a potent protector from two types of free radicals attributed to aging skin and damage: ROS (reactive oxygen species) and RNS (reactive nitrogen species) free radicals.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E does a great job fighting ROS free radicals but also pairs with many other antioxidants, increasing their effectiveness and recharging antioxidants such as ferulic acid.

You can also add the Antioxidants Concentrate to any of your current skin care products or use it on your own. It's kind of like having your own little skin care chemistry set at home, ready for all of your DIY needs!

Both products are available from The Skin Care Shop.

Products were sent for review. YBF does not test on animals.

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  1. Ooh I love the sound of that Hydrate booster! It's got a lot of great skin-identical ingredients. I've got a plain hyaluronic acid serum I've been using to boost my moisturizers this winter, but this one seems WAY better. Thanks for the review!


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