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Looking for the perfect gift to take care of your friends? BE has more beautiful offerings than any other company I have come across this season (we're talking more than 22 new items launching between September and December). UPDATE! It's still available on the Q today for a reduced price of 29.98!

All Wrapped Up is one of my favorites; it is a gorgeous collection of six shadows in an adorable box, available for $34 from BE and Sephora this season.

(Top: Garland, Present, Mistletoe. Bottom: Gift, Bauble, Tinsel.)

All Wrapped Up comes with six petite-size shadows in colors that span the rainbow. Four of the six colors are new; The Present and The Gift are the colors you may have seen before. Forget browns, nudes and golds, which are everywhere. Instead, show off your color combo skills (and encourage your pals to do the same) to create endless looks with these holiday themed colors.

(Notice Beanford insisting he make it into the photo. I must have taken 10 of these where he jumped in after I moved him. )

Before we dive into how to wear them or how they look. I wanted to introduce you to my new review assistant, Beanford.

Beans is one of my rescue cats who, unbeknownst to me, loves makeup. Especially this kit.
Normally, he hangs out with me when I write (along with another cat and three dogs) and watches me take photos.

(His tail hits the touch screen and he has been known to send emails. Not kidding.)

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, back to the colors.

Here are the colors:

Here is a look at them swatched straight and foiled:

Here is a look at Mistletoe, Gift, Bauble and Tinsel on Beans.

I don't think they are his colors. I think he'd like the High Shine colors - Frost!- or the Rocker Kit with his coloring. He wouldn't let me swatch myself until I swatched him.

(Beanford and his partner in crime, Atticus "Kissy" Pants Cat, waiting for more swatches.)

These colors are so versatile, you can wear them a million ways. Here are a few of my favorites:

Garland all over with Gift foiled in the crease and lightly dry lined under your eye.

Gift lightly applied (or lightly foiled!) so it barely glistens over the inside half of your lid with either Bauble, Tinsel or Mistletoe in the outer half of the lid.

One of my favorite new tricks is to take any of the above combinations and use Present as the crease color, and take it slightly higher above the crease, but not quite to the brow bone.

(I am loving that look with Bauble, especially.) Any pinky coral that isn't sparkly will do the trick, if you want to just try it.

I didn't think I could carry it off, I'm pink shadow-shy in general, but I really liked it!

(I am also wearing Sandy and Brandi Buxom Gloss.)

Today, I wore Garland below the arch, Bauble on the inner half of my lid, Tinsel on the outer half and Present in the crease. Then I mixed Ink and Plum BE Big and Bright Liners over and under the eye. It was subtle, but I love the overall effect!

This collection is 100% Beanford Pie Approved!

This was sent to me for review. Other than this particular swatching with Beanford G. Loxy Cat (which was washed off immediately, for you concerned readers), BE doesn't test on animals.

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  1. How did Beans remove his BE look? He and Atticus are darlings.

  2. He wanted to use my special Talika eye makeup remover, but we thought the gel might make his fur not feel as conditioned, so we used an aloe vera baby wipe. It left him glossy and fresh smelling!!

  3. Thanks for introducing us to Beans!

  4. Not trying to be mean at all- but I wouldn't put make-up on your kitty because a) it is like animal testing! (though the product may be safe for humans, it may make your kitty sick) and b) if he ingests it he or she could get really sick also! whether it is short-term or long-term.
    I am SURE you love your kitty and some people don't realize or think it might hurt them, but I just wanted to let you know because I don't want your kitty hurt and I am sure you don't either

  5. Good point, Anon.!

    Of course I washed it off immediately afterwards. I'm being silly, as the cat was being silly. He often sits at my feet as I do my makeup and loves for me to brush him with my hairbrush. If anyone took this post to mean that you should put makeup on your cat, and that, in fact, these are good colors for your cat, then I don't think I know what to say.


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