Paint It Black. The UD Black Palette

I recently picked up this Black Palette from Urban Decay. I love the allure of the dark, gritty colors. But, as is the problem with so many dark, dark colors, it's hard to include real color that shows up once you apply it.

(They look deceptively light in the pan. Looking at them in this picture makes me feel like I should have tried harder to make it work.)

This palette came with six shades and a mini Eden primer. All of the colors start out really dark with a hint of color. Then after a few short hours, they end up just being blackish with a few sparkles. I tried it with Eden as a primer. The colors looked a little on the dull side.

(The top are the shadows when applied over Pixie Epoxy. The bottom is over UD's Eden.)

I tried this with Pixie Epoxy and the colors looked gorgeous. Then I wore it out of the house and by the end of the day, my eye was a smudgy mess that was basically black. I also tried it with Tarina Tarantino's Dollskin with Pearl Glow primer. The results were still the same. The colors faded to black. I tried it by using a brush. I tried patting it on. I tried foiling. I even tried blotting it on with my finger. Each attempt led to the same result. Black shadow with a few sparkles.

(I so wanted to love and wear these colors. They look nice with the Pixie Epoxy. They just didn't hold up. I really, really tried.)

I wanted to love this. Especially after the Naked Palette. But it just isn't the same. These shadows are super-pigmented. Maybe so pigmented the only thing they can do is fade to black. You may like this if you are addicted to dark colors and don't mind your shadows getting a worn look. I suppose you could think of these shadows as giving you a "distressed denim" look for your eyes? Like the little bit of worn pocket on Old Navy jeans? Can that be a shadow look? If it can be a look, this might be the gold standard in shadows to give you a worn look.

For once, I just don't have much nice to say. OOH! I know. The Black Dog color is a perfect matte black. You can't get any darker than this matte black.

There. That's all I got.

I bought this and then took it back. UD doesn't test on animals. At least that's a good thing.

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  1. Thanks for the review Kelly, I was considering this palette, but I think I'll skip it now. I appreciate honest reviews!

  2. Thanks! I really wanted to love this. I have a slight dark shadow addiction. But I just couldn't find a way for this to work as well as others.

  3. You should try a primer, then Pixie Epoxy, before you put on the shadows. The Pixie Epoxy is meant to be worn with a primer. That should help to keep the smudging at bay.

  4. I thought it was you that had mentioned that tip to me before! I tried that as well. But I only tried that with Eden. Maybe a different primer would have yielded better results. Admittedly, that worked best, but it still faded primarily to black. The creasing stopped, but the color fading didn't. I so wanted this to work. But honestly, I have better, similar shadows from AL (and this experience did not stop me from picking up the BoS3 today.

  5. You shouldn't have to excessively prep an eyeshadow so that it maintains its color integrity. thanks for your review. It was refreshing.


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