Bare Escentuals High Shine Eyecolor UPDATED!

Today at Ulta, I discovered the new Bare Escentuals High Shine Eyecolor. These shadows are slightly different for BE, so my curiosity was piqued. Instead of being a loose mineral shadow that you apply with a brush, these come in a container, with a built-in, wand-like applicator.

To apply the color, you just shake the little jar, and gently shake off the applicator as you pull the wand out of the bottle. Then you can apply these high shine, richly pigmented colors directly to your lids, so they are great for on-the-go-gals. They are available in six different colors:

Patina, a rich dark green
Electric, a bright blue
Glisten, a shiny nude
Frost, a so-shiny-it's-almost-a-mirror platinum
Moonshine, a gorgeous plum
Bronzed, a super high-shine tigers eye bronze

(From my pinky knuckle: Moonshine, Patina, Glisten, Electric, Bronzed and Frost.)

Here is how the colors looked swatched on my knuckles. Why my knuckles you ask? I hurt my wrist (no idea how) and my wrist and most of my forearm have to be kept in a brace. Since I was on a solo mission without Loxy, the knuckles were the only part of me that was swatchable.

(From my pinky knuckle: Moonshine, Patina, Glisten, Electric, Bronzed and Frost.)

These retail for $16 each. They are available at BE and Ulta. I have a feeling I will be adding several of these to my collection. Thoughts?

UPDATED: Today I got the chance to actually wear Patina. I started with the BE Brightening Eye Primer, all over my lower lid, up to the crease. I used Patina as the main lid color and blended the top edge of color with BE's Moonlight. I also lined the top and bottom with the Expresso Big and Beautiful Liner. I really liked how smoothly the applicator applied the color . The wand is also shaped in a way that makes applying it easy, fast and with even coverage. I didn't have fallout issues and as of now (4 hours later) my color is still as strong and has not yet begun to move or fade.

While this color is shiny, it isn't as shiny as colors like Frost. I think this is perfectly wearable for all ages during the day. Some other colors may not translate as well, but it's all in how you wear it! I expect this to last for 10-12 hours with no problem. Let me know if you have picked any of these up yet and tell me what you think!

I did end up buying Patina, otherwise I just swatched these in the store. BE does not test on animals.

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  1. Very pretty, but a nighttime look to me. I think with the amount of shine, this is a look best left to you young chicas!

  2. There is a deal at the bare escentuals store and website. I got 3 of them with a little makeup pouch for about $42 with tax. I got the green, plum and silver. Im thinking about exchanging my silver for another color..not sure.

  3. I can't stop wearing the silver (frost) and the purple (moonshine) together. I am putting frost on the inside of my lid and moonshine on the outer corner of my lid. It makes your eyes (ok, my eyes) sparkle like diamonds. People on the street stopped me (twice) to tell me I had the prettiest eyes. Those colors are magical!


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