Get A Natural Glow (Without the Sun Damage)

by guest blogger, Anne Houseman of Beauty Xpose

It’s already August — where has the time gone? In the thick of these hazy, lazy days, why not capture the essence of nature’s sizzle by getting your own glow on? Just whip up a spicy recipe filled with sex, sun (-less bronzing) and shoes. Follow these three easy steps, and don’t be surprised when you earn your new nickname — caliente!

Get Your Glow On (1 Serving)

1. Get Some Nookie.

Nothing gets your heart pumping like a good old fashioned roll in the hay. But you can make your experience even more enjoyable by adding a dollop of new K-Y YOURS+MINE Kissable Sensations (SRP $19.99) into the mix.

k-y kissible sensations

Paired as a set of tubes flavored in decadent chocolate (for her) and sweet strawberry (for him), these hypoallergenic liquids are designed to heighten foreplay by encouraging kissing and licking in all the right places. And they really do taste great without a nasty chemical aftertaste. The best part? They’re not sticky AT ALL, so you don’t feel like a gloppy mess during the action.

Take it from us — after spicing up the bedroom with these liquid pleasure boosters, your cheeks will be flushed and everyone will want to know your saucy little secret.

2. Fake your Flush.

Okay, so we’re all using sun protection at the beach, right? That doesn’t mean you have to look like a vampire sucked your neck the night before (hopefully a sexy one, though, if it does happen). Add an instant warm flush to your face with a dusting of Laura Geller Balance-n-Bronze.

laura geller balance and bronze

This handy 2-in-1 compact ($35) has one side filled with Laura Geller Balance-n-Brighten, a baked color-correcting foundation, and the other with Bronze-n-Brighten, a baked color-correcting bronzer. Just buff in the Balance-n-Brighten side to even out any imperfections and then sweep on the Bronze-n-Brighten to create contour and depth for that perfect glowing look.

Bonus: Maximize coverage and gain a hint of shimmer by prepping skin with Laura Geller Spackle Tinted Under Makeup Primer in Champagne, which goes on smooth and light — not oily.

3. Hunt Down a Sexy Pair of Sandals.

You know that rush you get when you buy the perfect pair of designer sandals on a deep discount sale? Exhilarating! Double that (gold) rush by snagging a gorgeous metallic pair, like these KORS by Michael Kors “Twinkle” embellished sandals, on sale now at Bloomingdale’s for only $58.50.

kors michael kors gold sandals

With a comfy fit, a solid, leather construction and a look that can go from the pool to the pub, you will literally glow from head to toe!

Photos: K-Y; Laura Geller; KORS
Disclaimer: K-Y and Laura Geller products furnished complimentary for review. Anne purchased the KORS sandals herself and is still glowing from her decision.

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