Colorescience Primer: It's a Lemony Makeup Magnet for Your Face

A few months ago, a twitter pal suggested I try Colorescience's Skin Brightening Primer Line Tamer, with SPF 20, as a must have primer for any foundation. If you aren't familiar with Colorescience, they are the makers of high end mineral makeup, including an amazing face brightening powder, Snow Leopard.

I was excited to try their primer, based on all of the suggestions of like-minded beauties. My first impression of the primer is that it is lemony delicious. Clearly, I don't mean to eat. Lemon is one of my favorite scents, and I really enjoy it in facial products. This primer is lemon scented in the way a yummy Drake cake icing might be. Not too tart, not too sweet. It's just the right amount of faint, fresh lemony goodness.

This primer is also on the thicker side and you only need a little bit. More than that, and you are wasting product. On me, this light yellow-based primer brightens my skin in an obvious and immediate way. My skin looks slightly more luminous and very healthy. I seriously love the combo of the lemon scent and the brightening factor.

Finally, it keeps your makeup on. Tight. My makeup didn't run, fade or melt for a full day. It even stood up to the humidity of the East Coast. It's no joke. This is good stuff.

Colorescience is available online and in select locations and retails for $45.

This was sent to me for the purposes of review. Colorescience does not test on animals.

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  1. Thanks for the best beauty blog ever! I look forward to your posts each day. Curious, was there an overall favorite in the primer wars?

  2. There hasn't been a primer wars official victor yet...if I had to pick a favorite primer this absolute second, it would either be the new Stila one (it makes my face brighter) or the Colorescience (the brightening and lemon get me). However, if I know me at all, I know that once I love something, it love it briefly, and then search for something better. Better to do that with makeup then men, I suppose! :-)

  3. ps- thanks for the super kind words. That made my day!

  4. Thanks much! I'll check these out and stay tuned should you change your mind:-)

  5. I haven't tried this primer from colorscience but I've used two others. I really like the wild to mild as well as the sunforgettable. The wild to mild has a little bronzer and you can easily wear with no other makeup. I live in hot and humid Oklahoma and the Colorscience products stand up extremely well in our heat and humidity. is one of the best places online to order Colorscience products.


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