Primer Wars: Paul & Joe, Cover FX, Mally Beauty, MUFE & Josie Maran

Welcome to today's edition of Primer Wars! Not sure what it's all about? Check it out and learn the rules here.

The next group of primers to compete are:

Paul and Joe Protective Foundation Primer vs. Cover FX Brite Prep

Mally Beauty Perfect Prep vs. Josie Maran Argan Oil Primer

Cover FX Skin Prep vs. Make Up For Ever Microperfecting Primer

Voting for your preferred face-prepper means they could be granted a stay and live to fight another day, even if they weren't the victor when I tested them.

Paul and Joe Protective Foundation Primer trumped Cover FX's Brite Prep, which is another win in the column of the non-silicone primers. I love Cover FX and its bearberry to help tone melasma, but Paul and Joe performed better when it came to keeping makeup on all day.

Mally Beauty Perfect Prep and Josie Maran Argan Oil Primer both scored a 9.5 from me in terms of stick-to-itive-ness. Both primers held up equally well in the humid Baltimore summer weather. If I had to choose, I would say Mally inched out Josie Maran, but by less than an inch. I need your help to determine the winner! Be sure to vote for either Mally or Josie Maran, based on your experiences. This one is up to you!

Make Up For Ever Microperfecting Primer beat Cover FX Skin Prep, showing me once again that my silicone-loving ways may not be best if my goal is to achieve long wear. (But it does make the skin look so good - it's a hard trade off.)

Please vote and RT to make sure your favorite brand doesn't get voted out! Voting will be tabulated in seven days. Check back for more Primer Wars soon or click here to see what you missed.

I purchased the following primers: MUFE and Josie Maran. I bugged sales people for the following samples of product: Paul and Joe. I received product for review from these companies: Cover FX and Mally Beauty.

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