How Much Do You Know About Tanning?

By Guest Blogger , Anne Houseman of Beauty Xpose

Where sun protection is concerned, the numbers can really add up. Check out these interesting numbers about sun safety from some of the nation’s leading authorities.

Soon, you may pay more for more way than one!
Soon, you may pay more for this…in more ways than one!

0: The number of “healthy” tans (any tan signifies sun damage)
-The American Cancer Society

1: Ounce of sunscreen that should be applied before going outside (about the size of a shot glass)
-The Skin Cancer Foundation

2: Hours that pass when you then need to reapply sunscreen for adequate protection (sooner if you heavily perspire or get wet)*

6: The minimum UV Index forecast number that triggers a UV Alert (issued only when the UV Index forecast is also higher than normal statistically — at or above the 95th percentile — for that date)
- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency SunWise Program

10: Tax percentage on indoor tanning proposed by Congress in the health reform bill*

15-30: Minutes before going out in the sun that you need to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen*

15: The minimum recommended SPF number to be worn in a broad spectrum sunscreen*

15: The number of minutes it can take for the sun’s UV rays to cause skin damage
-The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

17: Ingredients that are currently FDA approved that provide ultra violet protection
-The U.S. Food and Drug Administration

40: The percentage of 5-year survival rates for people diagnosed with Stage IIIC melanoma
-The American Cancer Society

8,700: Estimated number of people who will die of melanoma in 2010
-The National Cancer Institute

68,130: Estimated new cases of melanoma to be diagnosed in the U.S. during 2010
-The National Cancer Institute

*Data compiled from numerous sources

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  1. Wow, those numbers really put things into perspective. I'm an avid indoor tanner and recently realized that I may be over-doing it. I know that thousands, if not millions, of people are using tanning beds regularly which is just as bad as being out in the sun. Many people I know and talk to give off the vibe that it's almost like an addiction. I hope you don't mind me posting this link but I actually just wrote an article on my blog about "tanorexia" and tanning addiction:

    It's a good read for anyone who tans indoors because your health is at risk!


  2. Great informations on Tanning. I needed to get something for my son, I guess I found it!

  3. fantastic this is a very helpful resource on founding the right tan to every type of skin
    i like to use personnaly the indoor tanning lotion is beter than beds tanning


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