Duri Celebrity Scandal Polish

My nails are finally back in fighting shape and now that I can pay attention to nail polish, I really want a Minx manicure. Have you seen these? Like everything this summer, everything from my childhood is new again and the same goes for nails. One of my childhood besties and I spent hours painting elaborate designs on each others nails. Our favorite was white polish with polka dots. Thank goodness the new '80's trends won't be as painful to relive in another 20 years (I hope).

The one problem (for me) is that I can't afford a Minx manicure. I would love one. They last two weeks (at least) and don't chip (they're stickers!). I tried doing a complicated pattern myself to get the Minx look, and it didn't work so well. I'm not going to show you, but it was lame. Trust me.

My favorite looks from Minx are the reflective silver "mirrored" looks. After looking around a bit, I found a polish from Duri that gives the same look for much, much less.

Retailing for $5, Celebrity Scandal gives an almost mirrored finish. I love it! Like with most metallic shades (on my nails at least), be sure to use a good top coat to seal in color. Check it out at www.Duri.com. What do you think? What is your favorite polish trend right now? This is one beauty department where I could seriously use some guidance!

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