bareMinerals Inside Scoop Sephora Exclusive

bareMinerals is offering a Sephora Insider exclusive right now. For $25, you'll score the Inside Scoop Collection. You can preview the new Flawless Definition Mascara, a new Big and Bright Eyeliner in Cork and a new shadow, Gold Medal, which comes in the High Shine finish. You also get a small Prime Time Eyelid and a nice shadow brush.

The mascara and shadow drove me to purchase this kit and the shadow brush didn't hurt.

The Gold Medal eyeshadow is super shiny. I dig it, but you might need sunglasses to look at it directly.

(Gold Medal is shown above the Cork Eyeliner. It's not that shiny, right?)

Shown above are the colors (from top) True Gold, Trophy Wife, Gold Medal and Cork, the new Big and Bright Eyeliner. You can tell from the swatch just how shiny and bright Gold Medal actually is. The other two colors, normally really vibrant, pale in comparison.

(Boom! Super shine!)

Here is a slightly different angle of how the Gold Medal reflects the light. The shadow feels a tiny bit different, texture-wise, than the other colors, but isn't as awkward to wear as the Extreme Glimmers were. This shadow gives the effect of a super-foil, without the water.

(How the shadow reflects and changes in the light.)

The way this shadow reflects light, it's almost like a Minx manicure for your eyes! The color itself is like a revved-up version of the favorite, Queen Phyllis. Gold Medal is more opaque and definitely shinier!

The Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara is luervely. Not surprisingly, the formula seems similar to the original Flawless Definition, but the brush is a much larger, full-bristled spooli. It is different from the Buxom brush and adds nice thickness and volume. For me, the mascara applied best when I built thickness while the coats were wet. Letting coats dry in between didn't work as well. The dry down time didn't seem to be quite as long as it is with the original formula, but you still have time to play. I dig it!

I bought this kit with my own nickels.

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  1. Hey Gouldy, how does HS Gold Medal compare to HS Sand Dune? I haven't purchased Inside Scoop yet because when I compared them side by side, they looked exactly the same. What do you think??

  2. I haven't seen Dune, but on the QVC chat board, they mentioned it is slightly different, but not dramatically different.


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