Yeah or Neah? Wrist Wallets

by Anne Houseman of Beauty Xpose

wallets2wear 4It’s prom and wedding season, and while most women wrestle with finding a way to carry their essentials with them stylishly and inconspicuously, now you won’t have to. Simply put your bracelet to work with wallets2wear wrist accessories, which boast hidden compartments.

Designed by entrepreneur Julia Machotka, wallets2wear offers a variety of beaded bracelets, watches, sports wristbands and formal occasion wrist-wear created as a solution to “women’s constant conflict between style and convenience.” Machotka said the idea was born after she was constantly trying to keep an eye on her purse while out salsa dancing.

“Dressed to the nines (no pockets in any salsa outfits I own), meant eye-ing my purse at the table, or even paying for coat check and still worrying about my purse from the dance floor,” said Machotka. “My idea was to make something that merely looked like a bracelet — something we women would wear anyway — but apart from being something we’re accustomed to, it’d have a secret compartment.”

On the outside, they look like everyday wrist accessories, but inside, wallets2wear accessories contain a hidden mesh pouch where you can stash your ID, credit cards and a key. The flexible pouch is only slightly larger than the size of a credit card, so after storing a few items, it’s full and fits snugly against the inside of your wrist.

Available in wrap-to-close or stretch-to-fit options, wallets2wear run true to size, fitting most wrist sizes. In fact, when I originally tested the M/L watch handkerchief band and found it too snug for my L/XL wrists (thanks, Dad, for those genes), Machotka decided to work with her designer to create a third size, which fit perfectly. Talk about great customer service!

wallets2wear 2The one big drawback? There’s no room to store your phone, which I realized the first day I actually decided to wear the wallets2wear Nouveau Noir beaded bracelet. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t go anywhere without my iPhone; I feel naked without it. And while not as essential as a phone, I also love taking lip gloss wherever I go, and again, the wallets2wear designs don’t allow enough room for it. It can only fit cash, credit cards and a couple of keys, even though the brand asserts it can carry a lipstick (and it may, but it would be very noticeable and uncomfortable). I suppose it might fit the Hourglass Prodigy Lip Gloss because of its unique flat design.

All in all, wallets2wear offers a unique solution to those times when lugging around a big purse is just impractical and when you don’t mind being “off the grid,” like when out jogging or on your way to the beach.

“I love my handbags, like any other woman in love with style,” explained Machotka. “So I’m not out to replace them — just to provide the alternative when they’re not convenient.”

Available exclusively at, wallets2wear styles range from $9.95 to $99 and are available in acrylic, wood, glass, sterling silver, freshwater pearl and various fabrics.

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