My Beauty Nook: Makeup Storage Madness

Even if I never buy another shred or speck of makeup, I have enough to last a lifetime as of right now. Technically, I could run out of foundation, but I think I could go for at least several years before it became a problem. However, we all know I am not likely to stop purchasing makeup anytime soon. The biggest problem makeup mavens have is storage. How do you keep everything organized, easy to find and accessible? It's not easy, that's for sure! So since so many of you asked, here is how I keep my treasures organized.

I keep all of my makeup and skin care in my beauty nook. My nook is like a cockpit. It's about 3.5 feet wide by 5 feet long. It's not big. And half of it has one of those slanted bungalow ceilings that happens when you're outside of the dormer. So it is less than ideal.

I've tried multiple plastic storage containers, making my own paper dividers for mineral shadows, a tiered dessert tray and combinations of all of the above. After searching for five years for a solution that worked and could continue to grow with my collection, I think I have it figured out. While it doesn't look organized and perfect, believe me when I tell you it is pretty darn close. The storage bins I found this weekend are perfect!

This is the cockpit view of where I sit. On my small table, I keep things I reach for every morning. Relaxing Fluid for my hair, sunscreen, whatever essential skin care I am using right now, some brushes, a heat-resistant mat, some new products and my MUFE cream blushes. And yes, there are 6 lights, four of which are sunlight bulbs to give me a cool , even tone. (An art director I work with suggested getting those specialty bulbs to improve my lighting situation.)

Hanging safely on the wall are my flat iron and 3 barrel curling iron and my dryer (not seen). The four drawer white plastic bin (Target) holds older makeup I am not likely to use; old MAC eye shadows, Trish McEvoy collections and tons of drugstore makeup and bobby pins. I have zillions of bobby pins, no doubt left over from my faux hair obsession of the early 00's.

Above that are green and white bins (Target) that hold older, large skin care products, color palettes and about 100 lip sticks and glosses. On top of that is a lazy susan (Target) with several glass vases--filled partially with rocks (AC Moore)--that hold the brushes I am currently using, but not using everyday.

Also, worth noting on the lazy susan is Travelin' Sam, the hand-carved statue inspired by Buddha, that traveled across the globe with my father when he worked for the military and Western Electric. I believe a tour guide gave this to my Dad to bring him good luck when he was working in East Asia. Sam is missing a few toes, but still watches over me.

(Note the mosaic next to the mirror. My superpal Xina gave me that as a pre-wedding present. Here is what it looked like before I hung it in the bathroom and moisture cracked it. It is still one of my most favorite possessions.)

Next is my Lowe's Machinist Chest, which is strictly for mineral makeup and single pan eye shadows that I use often. This amazing chest can usually be picked up around the holidays from Lowe's, but you have to score one the day after Thanksgiving, as each store only gets a few. I keep brushes, some hair stuff, deodorant, makeup wipes and perfume in the top section. If you are curious, for now, the chest is sitting on the stand part of a cheap wood and glass accent table from Joanne Fabrics.

The gray set of drawers is the best thing ever. It's sturdy, has FIFTEEN drawers, wheels and looks decent. I picked it up at my local Office Depot, despite the fact the website says it is for delivery only. There is also a smaller version, with half of the space.

These drawers hold everything from nail polish, all of my BE Lip stuff (that drawer is overflowing!), liquid foundations, primers, mascaras, blushes, cream liners, extra brushes, larger hair care and skin care items, eye shadow sample baggies and to-be-reviewed items.

Finally, on top is a cloth basket containing oversize hair and skin care items and a few to-be-reviewed items. Not shown is the four drawer plastic bin in the closet. This is Loxy's favorite set of drawers, as he kindly cleaned up a portion of his already non-existent closet space so I could put it in there. Those bins hold press releases, sample sizes, reader prizes and hair and skin care products to be given away.

How do you store your makeup? Any other great ideas? Let me know!

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  1. Wow! I'm impressed. You have a lot of stuff. I need to get motivated & organize my things like this

  2. Wow woman!
    I use 2 of the storage thins similar to your 10 drawer ones that go from white to grey to black. I have a white helmer for my nail polish. That's about it.

  3. Holy crap, that is a lot of storage! I have one Caboodle that holds all my makeup and a Crabtree and Evelyn bag that holds my nail polishes. That's all I gots!

  4. I remember when a Caboodle and a tool box would do the trick.....It's a little out of control, I admit.

  5. Awwww, I am so touched, the mosaic got a mention!! :-)

  6. I have that 15 drawer chest and my drawers won't stay in. It's so frustrating. I'm ready to toss it. Any advice??

  7. @Marcia - I JUST went through the exact same frustration with the chest! The screws on the sides (top and bottom) come loose, making the drawers not stay on the tracks. Tighten the screws - you will be surprised how tight they go. It totally fixed my problem. I was ready to toss it, but now I love it!

  8. I need to get the drawers from Office Depot- they're fab!!!

  9. @ PLG- Just be sure to tighten all of the screws or the drawers won't work properly. Really tighten them. Tighten them until you can't and then do it even tighter.

  10. Hey Kelly! Funny how we are, yet again, on the same wavelength and both posted in June about our storage systems. :)

    And thanks for the compliments about the hanging pots. They *really* saved me space in my tiny bathroom and also help me get ready quicker since everything is out in the open.

    Looking at your pictures, I have a few comments/questions:
    *I have those same plastic drawer storage bins!! I keep mine packed with hair products in the cabinets under my sink.
    *I have the same pink flat iron I think. Is it the Hana mini flat iron?
    *Where did you get the cool mirror on your main table? The one with the scroll "iron" work stand?

    I'm thinking of redoing a nook in my bedroom to be a makeup nook like yours. Right now it's full of my horse saddles and a chest of drawers that hold: Top 4 drawers- to be reviewed items; Bottom 2 drawers: Jami's already reviewed but absolute favorites.
    And there's a basket in my closet that holds duplicates that I somehow ended up with that will be used for this year's charity auctions (for Karma Dogs! eeek!), random reader giveaways, etc.
    I'm overflowing!! Even though it's semi-organized over-flowage.... in this post I didn't even go into the stuff I have stored in my bedroom. I'll have to do those too (I have 8 rubbermaid totes under my bed full of products *ducks and hides*), and I have a post coming up about my nail polish collection. I seriously need help getting that organized!

    (For others who are coming in between Kelly & I's discussion, here's my post on my current bathroom skin, makeup, hair care storage:


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