Korres Natural Coral Collection: Easy, Natural, Gorgeous!

Leave it to Korres to make beautiful, beneficial products that go together perfectly. One of their newest collections, the Natural Coral Antioxidant Eye Collection, is truly universal. Before we delve into the colors, here are the benefits:

The shadows contain Sunflower Oil, a line smoothing antioxidant and hydrating Evening Primrose Oil. The eyeliner contains Vitamin E and Jojoba to ensure a smooth application. The mascara contains Pro-Vitamin B5, the same thing that strengthens the hair on your head and Rice Bran, which makes lashes amazingly thick and long.

The Natural Coral Collection comes with two eye shadows, in Ivory 14 and Pink 66; an eyeliner in Brown 02 and also their Rice Bran Mascara in Black 01.

(From the Top: Ivory 14, Pink 66 and Eyeliner Brown 02)

This is the one look that has gotten me stopped on the street. It's not the flashy purple expertly-applied liner or the glimmertastic eyeshadows that I have been wearing all Spring. It's just a beautiful basic look.

Here is a close-up of how pretty the shadows look on the eye. Not too matte, not too shimmery - just a perfect satin finish. I got compliments from my in-laws, strangers, the waitress and the people who sat next to me in the movies.

The best part? The entire Korres kit, all four pieces, is only $29.99! And for a limited time, if you use checkout code GOULDYLOX, you'll save 25% off your total and you can receive a deluxe sample of their Night Cream. I can't believe how much I love this natural look from Korres. And for $29 (minus the 25% off Gouldylox discount) this four-piece kit is cheaper than what you can buy in a drugstore, it's totally eco-friendly, animal-friendly and does more than make you pretty!

This product was sent to me for the purposes of review.

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  1. Gorgeous! On a side note -- LOOK AT YOUR HAIR!!!! I can't believe how long it's gotten! I'm completely smitten with this color on you; love how the old highlights are just peaking through. :)

  2. Thank you! Those aren't old highlights peeking through, those are new highlights that I added :-)

  3. I picked up some Korres shadows at The Makeup Show & I agree they are lovely. Intense pigment, buttery texture!


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