Stila Smudge Sticks Liner Update

I reviewed the new Stila Smudge Sticks for you earlier this month. I was finally able to swatch the all of the new colors for you (with the exception of black. It's black. Do you need to see it?) Here they are in bright sun light. They are gorgeous!

(From top to bottom: Purple Tang, Lionfish, Silver Dollar, Moray, Peacock, Blue Ribbon, Koi)

The top color is Purple Tang and while you can't see it so well, it is a beautiful purple/black liner that shimmers with electric purple. It's my favorite (and sold out everywhere I look!)

I also noticed that after they have "dried down" (they aren't wet to start with. Perhaps "settled" is a better word) they don't budge. So here, in my first ever video (that I had the guts to post) is a smudge test.

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  1. Great video. Wonderful work for your first time!

  2. I have purchased 2 colors already since your first post! It took 3 trips to Ulta in White Marsh to find the purple :) but so worth it.

  3. HI Cloe- That is the Ulta I went to and they were sold out. As of last Tuesday, the Sephora in Towson wasn't carrying them yet. So frustrating!! I am told they should be there soon. I really want that purple!!

  4. I am wearing Stingray (Black) smudged -immediately after putting it on- with Silver Dollar above the smudged black. It looks amazing! The Silver Dollar color is seriously amazing.

  5. I <3 the purple tang! It's only one that I have so far. I LOVE it! Especially in the summer when you sweat.


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