Eating My Own Flesh Colored Words: Lip Fusion Infatuation Lip Gloss

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I'll make this short and sweet. In the past, I have railed against how much I detest Lip Fusion and their XL Lip Plumper. First off, it HURTS. Secondly, it's absurdly expensive. Thirdly, the customer service/makeup artist who worked a store that rhymes with Schmulta told me I was being a baby and that it didn't hurt. Needless to say, I have never purchased their products. Grrr. I still think that gloss is a dybbuk*.

The other day, I literally said to my sister in-law, "Abz, I am in the mood to do a Kim Kardashian look. Can you remember what colors she likes?" Abz gave me a quizzical look and said, "You know she's tan, right? And I remember reading you don't wear pink because of your undertones. Hmmph." Not to be deterred, I asked my pal who works at Sephora if she could remember anything past the NARS Lipgloss. She said, "Funny you should ask, let me show you this." She then walked me straight over to Kim's face, where she is hawking a lip gloss line for Lip Fusion. I politely reminded my Sephora-employed gal pal that I hate their lip glosses and won't give them my money. Still, she insisted I try it.

I think there were six colors and they were all really pretty. I actually had a hard time picking one, but after I tried on In the Flesh, I knew it was the perfect nude I had been looking for. This version of their gloss contains something called Amplifat, which doesn't have irritants, and did a nice job of filling in fine lines on my lips. Loxy even commented on what a pretty color it was. Abz told me I had to have it. So I did what I never expected, and gave them my money.

I promised everyone in the store, who knows my distaste for this line because of their painful plumpers, that I would take back what I had previously said, even if I only took it back a little.

So there you have it. I am eating my flesh colored words. This lip gloss is nice**.

* It's a devil or demon in Jewish folklore. Consider this your Yiddish lesson for the day, A.H.

**The other one should still be buried in hell.

I bought this with my own debit card. And I declined any free sample for 100 points.

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  1. Haha, that's funny. I'm glad they came out with a better line :)

  2. LOVE it! And thanks for the lesson of the day. :)


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