Adventures in Beautyland: Rejuvenize Peel from La Papillon Spa, Pt.4

(Me when I woke up, 60 hours post peel. Yes, I slept in the same shirt as the night before.
Don't act like you don't.)

It has now been 60 hours since I got a Rejuvenize Peel from La Papillon Spa and I am heading into the serious peel portion of this program. Although similar to the snow that I kept waiting for with bated breath yesterday afternoon, nothing that dramatic has started to happen. However, Loxy keeps coming over and looking at me, saying, "Hold still. I swear I see a Pre-Cog under there*. Let me get that", as he reaches over to pull on my face. Then I turn and yell, "LOXY! I can't predict pre-crime. This isn't Minority Report. We won't have access to that cool computer screen and I won't solve any redballs." If I didn't know better, I would be bothered that my husband apparently secretly wishes I lived in a goo-filled bathtub and had special powers.

However, I am starting to peel. And I am not good at not picking at the peeling skin. Madeleine is trying to be a great coach, texting and tweeting me not to pick at my skin. A Gouldylox reader gave me the perfect suggestion to put lotion and socks on my hands, to save me from myself. (One also suggested duct taping oven mitts to my hands, which I am likely to do.) I do think they are totally on to something and I am planning on giving myself several paraffin treatments so I can't pick at my skin. Although honestly, I am not sure socks, paraffin-ed fingers or oven mitts can stop me. I am trying though.

When I went in for the peel, Madeleine, owner of La Papillon Spa, had mentioned that I could wear a little mineral blush if I couldn't manage being face-naked. However, she warned that as "chunks" of skin come off, my blush may look a little odd. Almost as if I randomly forgot to apply it to a section of my face. I am fine with being sans makeup. But it does make me wonder, though. What about sunscreen? I am vigilant about wearing sunscreen. Is that flaking off with the top layer of my skin as well? I am already breaking my new skin? Concerned that was the case and not wanting to damage my new skin, I decided the best thing to do was this:

cover my face like my name is Blanket Jackson.

The people at CVS thought I was insane (or there to steal lip gloss). People in cars thought I was nuts, with my oversized sun glasses and my sparkle wrap covering my peeling face (the car dancing and singing probably didn't help). Oh well.

Tomorrow, I will just carry sunscreen with me and apply and reapply. That assumes I set foot outside or open a curtain. Neither are likely.

As for my punim, my chin and nose area are starting to peel more. I don't feel as tight as I did previously, but probably because my face "cracked" when I yawned at the 36 hour mark. It still feels very tender, especially after I wash it.

It also feels dry and I really want to add my Peptide Extreme Cream (I can't say that without sounding like a Monster Truck announcer in my head) to aid the dryness, but I picture my face like a paper-mâché project in reverse. I don't want to gunk up the works with moisturizer, so I will try to leave it alone.

Update 10am: I went outside to help Loxy shovel and rake the roof. (Which is different from "raising" the roof.) I was slathered in sunscreen, a hat and a scarf and the cold air and occasional snow blowing on my face made my punim feel instantly chapped, raw and sore. Needless to say, I finished up quickly and came inside. I think my skin is heading into the "chunks falling off, red and sore" phase I keep hearing about.

*This is a Pre-Cog. It's from the super movie, Minority Report, which is the film that makes me not dislike Tom Cruise immensely.

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  1. You are a very brave woman Kelly. s@gkv

  2. I know- right? Walking into a drugstore dressed like a goofy thief was not a good idea. :-)


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