2009 Favorite Things Countdown #1

My number one favorite product of the year won't surprise anyone who has been a Gouldylox Reviews reader since I began this blog. It is something I wear everyday and definitely a product I won't be without. My favorite adventure this year? This one is easy. We liked doing it so much, we went somewhere else to do it again.

Favorite Thing #1 : Purely Cosmetics Diamond Finishing Powder

After my Twitter pal, Pro Makeup Artist, Melissa Street, raved about Purely Cosmetics Diamond Finishing Powder, I had to check it out. This powder claims to give you an aura-like glow, without all of that sparkle and glitter other similar finishing powders have.

Your face will have an airbrushed look. This fine powder has a photoluminescence that subtly illuminates a blue glow invisible to the naked eye which decreases the appearance of wrinkles. The diamond powder bends and refracts light to reduce the visibility of those imperfections while giving an aura of "je ne sais pas"! It is so finely milled that it does not give off a shimmer. This is more of an "aura" - like that of someone who has a pleasant secret they're keeping to themselves.

I have lots of secrets, but they tend to make me blush, not glow, so I am definitely a candidate for this powder! I need some help with fine lines and dark circles, but we have been over that. I am hopeful that this powder, which is infused with real diamonds, will seriously help conceal my imperfections and brighten my skin.

When I first dove into this very light powder, I was surprised by how white it was. That said, once thoroughly buffed on, it looked really, really nice. Some of my fine lines were not as noticeable and my skin felt positively smooth. My face did look brighter, which I love. My husband said I looked as if I had finally gotten a good nights' sleep. And if he noticed, than something must be working! One word of caution, I am not sure how this looks on someone who is not as pale as I am. I know all of these type of finishing powders (made by several companies) say this is a universal color, but I am curious to know if that is true. Since I am so fair, I can't speak for you gals who can actually get a tan.

This powder is comparable to Makeup Forever's High Definition Powder (according to the Purely Cosmetics website) and was recently listed as Must Have Summer Product by BeautyLuxe.com. I was recently on the local news (for my non-profit) and wore this finishing powder on camera. When I watched the broadcast back in high def, I was really pleased. I also received lots of comments that my skin looked great!

I purchased this product.
A few times!

Zorbing in Pidgeon Forge

Day Two of my Glamping in Gatlinburg extravaganza was unique. We started the day hoping to go whitewater rafting and when we had called on Wednesday, we were told the river was dam-controlled and Thursdays were a no go. We excitedly called on Friday to schedule our rafting tour. Turns out, Friday was a no go because of the dam as well. When we asked why were weren't told this on Thursday, it was because we didn't ask specifically about Friday. Ugh.

Not off to a great start, I insisted on Zorbing. Why I wanted to do this, I have no earthly idea. Basically, Zorb is the "sport" of rolling down a huge hill in a hamster ball, with or without water. It started in New Zealand and it just so happens that Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is one of the only places you can officially Zorb in the US. I don't like roller coasters and I generally dislike fun (my co-workers will agree, as I have almost never gone to a happy hour in 13 years). But I wanted to Zorb!

I understood from the Zorb website that I would get wet. Really wet. I also knew my family had no plans for me to take the time to retouch my makeup, so I tried to plan a day that would allow me to not look like a train wreck while not getting sunburnt. After Zorbing, we were planning on spending the day at Dollywood, where I had hoped, but doubted, they would have large breast themed attractions. Rides or no rides, I didn't want to look like a drowned rat, so here is what I was banking on to help me maintain some kind of decent appearance:

Tarte Eco Cheek Stain: a gorgeous creamy peach stain.

Jan Marini Skin Research AntiOxidant SPF 30: Waterproof UVA/UVB SPF 30, my new fave sunscreen.

Tarte Lights, Camera Splashes Waterproof mascara: the waterproof version of their amazing mascara.

Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes in Grey 22L: a beautiful gray liner for blue eyes that lets you look glam without looking like you are trying too hard - especially when you are Zorbing in Pigeon Forge.

Once I saw people leaving Zorb, I realized that getting wet wasn't really what was happening. It was more like being put in a washing machine. I left my hope of not being a hot mess in the red van that took us to the top of the hill. I got out of the vehicle, into the ball, and went down the hill.

Two fun facts before you watch the video:

1. If you crank the audio, you can hear me screaming the whole way.
2. My shorts fell down.

After my trip down the hill, how did I fare? My eyeliner was almost gone, my mascara stayed put, and my cheek stain held its own, although slightly worse for the wear. I did reapply my sunscreen, as I am not willing to risk burning my skin for my blog. All in all, I would say Zorbing is the ultimate test for makeup (and the closest thing you can get to actually being put in a washing machine. And while my slightly made-up face held up ok, it didn't matter. This is one of those times my inner beauty took over and out-shined my makeup.

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  1. Kelly: Yours is certainly the most unusual Zorb report I've seen. I work for the Pigeon Forge Department of Tourism, so I've seen many. What a hoot! And your video was a blast.

    FYI, Zorb Smoky Mountains in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, is the only Zorb location in North America, so you have some serious bragging rights. I hope you saved your Zorbonaut certification.

    Come back to see us anytime. Next spring, we'll open Titanic Pigeon Forge (TitanicPigeonForge.com), which you can visit without messing up your makeup. City info is at MyPigeonForge.com.

    And since you're in Baltimore advertising, you may know my long-lost pal David Imre, a PR guy whom I think is out in Towson now.

  2. While I haven't met David, I do know of his agency! Zorb was super fun and we can't wait to do it again. Sadly, I didn't get a certificate! I am a wimp and this one truly one of the most fun things I did last year!


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