Adventures in Beautyland : The Clairol Mirror

I am obsessed with a quest for the best cosmetics products. I love and have tried almost everything. Drug stores, department stores, closeout stores, it doesn't matter. Sadly, this includes investing a lot of money in new consumer lines that always make me sad. Remember when Old Navy launched a cosmetics line? Mr. Lox recently asked me when I started my cosmetics obsession. I think it was when I got one of these for my birthday, in the sixth grade.

This mirror was awesome. It had four different light settings and mine had "doors" that closed when I wasn't using it. I could put on my Wet and Wild liner in brown, ever so lightly, with my clear Cover Girl lip gloss my Mom got me for special occasions. Specifically the 6th grade Valentine's Day Dance. This mirror let me see what my brown liner and clear gloss looked like in the sun, on a cloudy day, in the office and at night. (By the way, I wasn't allowed to wear the brown liner, but lightly lined my lower eyes so you couldn't tell) Soon, I saved my allowance for two weeks and bought one Maybelline single eye shadow at the Jarrettsville Pharmacy. It was called Silky Taupe, and it matched my eye lid skin. But I knew it made me look fresher, prettier and possibly thinner. (It always comes back to somehow making me look thinner - at least in my mind).

I spent countless hours in front of this mirror trying to curl my very straight hair to look like someone from WKRP in Cincinnati (for those under 35, go with Charles in Charge. If you're under 25, please sub the Pink Power Ranger). I also spent hours trying to get my lashes to curl, without a lash curler, which I was also not allowed to have. I remember going to the Jarrettsville Pharmacy and thinking how different the nude eyeshadows my Mom couldn't detect would look in my fancy mirror, depending on their sheen or sparkle. And when we would go to a fancy dinner at Sir Walter Raleigh at the nice mall, I would spend at least an hour getting ready using the very special "night lighting" setting. The possibilities were endless.

That's what I love about makeup. The possibilities.

What inspired you? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Love the new look of your blog. I think I got into makeup about a year and a half ago, because I finally had it with my foundation being too dark for my skin, so I started to explore alternatives to MAC's NW15 and ended up in mineral makeup land.

  2. I used to love that mirror!!!


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