My Israeli Sister-In-Law Shocks Me With Sue Devitt Beauty

Why is this post worthy? I fall for new cosmetic lines all of the time. So what's the big deal? First, a little back ground info on my favorite Israeli sister-in-law.

Aya, my sis-in-law, was born and raised in Israel. In fact she lived in this lovely land (her home looked like a resort) until recently, when she went from the seaside Mediterranean lifestyle to the harsh, cold winters of Chicago & Michigan.

Aya is the antithesis of me. She loves the outdoors, she doesn't own a television and she has never worn makeup on a regular basis. She likes the water, she knows Krav Maga and she can back down the side of a mountain in a giant rental car without breaking a sweat. (I was there. It was terrifying.) I love her no matter what, but I am sure you can imagine how excited I was when she asked me for makeup advice on applying eye shadow on our "glamping trip".

Aya recently found herself far away from her home, where many women opt for a natural, no makeup look. That is certainly not to say that all Israeli women don't wear makeup, I am sure many do. But not my Aya. She just didn't feel it looked right on her. She loves to wear sunscreen to protect her fair skin and get out and enjoy the outdoors. She doesn't want to bother with runny mascara or lipstick as it interferes with her kayaking in Alaska. Aya had only worn makeup twice in her life. Once at my wedding and once at hers.

Then one day, Aya landed a nice job and started working with all kinds of women. Wanting to look more professional and polished, she bought some stuff at a drugstore, but didn't know how to apply it on or even how to make it stay on her face. So she did what any brave, self respecting girl would do.

She marched into her neighborhood Barney's and asked for help.

A makeup artist from Sue Devitt Beauty was happy to help. Aya told the artist she wanted to achieve a look similar to her friend, who swore by Sue Devitt. Aya wasn't interested in getting the same colors, but wanted to have the same beautiful, natural, easy, glowing look.

The makeup artist spent quite a bit of time showing Aya how to re-create a similar beautiful natural face and she ended up leaving with Foundation, Lip & Cheek Gel, Mascara, Under eye Corrector, 2 Eyeshadows, 2 Eye intensifier Pencils and a Sharpener. Considering she had barely ever purchased any makeup, I was shocked!

Aya couldn't stop telling me how much she loved the Eye Intensifier Pencils. She loved how smoothly and easily they glided onto her eye, giving her eyes some oomph. It's no wonder she loved them so much - they are a seriously technologically advanced eyeliner! These liners are smudge-proof and water resistant. They are formulated not to move, crease or smear, thanks to special ingredient Nylon-12, which expands and contracts with each facial movement.

The foundation evened out her skin and was a snap to apply. Aya actually enjoys putting makeup on now and loves how she looks. I thought she was gorgeous before, but I am sure she is now more polished, professional and sanguine.

What is the lesson of this story? Makeup doesn't have to be complicated, trendy or hard to apply. It can make you feel better about your appearance and more confident in your daily life. Just march into Barney's or Ulta and ask someone behind a Sue Devitt counter for some help. If Aya can try it, so can you!

Sue Devitt Beauty does not test on animals.

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