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I love nothing more than a makeover. The thrill of having someone else interpret how they see me excites me to no end. However, is that the case for everyone? Three loyal Gouldylox readers got the chance to check out a Bare Escentuals makeunder and see how they looked after they had been swirled, tapped and buffed.

All three readers wear makeup differently. Marye never wears much makeup; powder, mascara and chapstick get her on her way out the door quickly in the morning. Chris tends to wear more makeup, but doesn't experiment with a lot of eye color. Heather is a makeup junkie like myself, but has never tried the BE line before.

We met at our neighborhood Bare Escentuals Boutique (find yours here) for an afternoon of fun girl talk and makeup. No one had really worn BE's award winning foundation before, so after everyone was cleansed, moisturized and primed, they learned how to swirl, tap and buff their way to a fantastic foundation.

"A tip I love to share is to make sure you swirl the foundation in the lid for several seconds. It helps heat up the minerals and makes them melt into the skin for beautiful coverage. Many people are surprised at how smoothly the foundation glides on when they swirl for a little longer than they think they should", explained our makeup artist, Monica Harkins.

Heather, the bravest of the three in her daily makeup life, opted for the Face Fashion Classic Glam look, which is a glossy red lip and a smoky eye. Makeup artist Monica was glad Heather had chosen this look. "This kit is really wearable because it can take you from day to night by changing the way you line your eyes and lips. This kit can either look really soft and pretty or full on glam. It's really versatile - it depends on you."

(Heather after getting glam)

Chris likes to wear makeup, but shies away from a lot of color. "I'm not into blush and don't want to look overly made up. I like the concept of eyeshadow, but too much color makes me nervous. I want my eyes to pop, but in a good way, not like a LOOK AT ME, I HAVE ON MAKEUP way."

(Chris sporting some purple eyeshadow with defined brows that make me envious!)

Monica selected a few sheer eye colors for Chris, including surprise and hyacinth, both in the purple family. After her make-under, Chris said, "I do like it, but it's more than I am used to. I really like the gloss. It's something I would definitely wear."

Marye doesn't spend a lot of time on her makeup. This becomes obvious when she says she never knew she had lashes that were anything special. Are you kidding me?

Marye (after getting over the shock that she, in fact, has remarkable eyelashes) used eyeshadows in pussycat, purrfect and cupcake to make her eyes pop. She looked amazing!

And since Marye loves to laugh, this easy look compliments her natural style!

What a great day. Thanks to the Bare Escentuals Boutique for having us! I really enjoyed getting to know some of the Gouldylox Reviews readers in a fun afternoon!

Want to get your own makeunder? Visit www.bareescentuals.com to find a boutique near you and book a complimentary makeunder party for you (and your friends).

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