You Might Have to Call the Girl Police : The Bath Project

I recently received some products from the lovely people at The Bath Project. They were kind enough to send me an array of wonderful goodies; some delicious lip scrub (I can't help but eat it), some yummy body frosting (I want to eat it), wax melts (which smell really nice, but you can't eat them), a brownie-like bar of soap (that Mr. Lox almost took a bite of) and some beautiful Botanical Bath Salts.

Here is the honest truth. Many moons ago, The Bath Project was one of the first companies to contact me about reviewing their products. I couldn't have been more excited. A young beauty blogger's dream is to have someone say the magical words, "would you be interested in receiving some product to review?" I know all of you bloggers who have been around for years are flooded by wonderful PR reps who send you loads of stuff you wouldn't even think about giving away. But not me. That email made my week.

However, there is a downside. But we will get to that in a minute. First, let me tell you a little about The Bath Project. The company was founded by a massage therapist, Shannon Thompson, who was bitten by the beauty bug and never looked back. She makes wonderful, natural soaps, scrubs, hair mists, candles, bath salts, lotions, body butters and anything else you can think to use in a bathroom (from a beauty standpoint). The products are made fresh to order (literally!!) and are so natural you can even eat some of them. (I have. Yum!)

One thing I really like about Shannon and her company is that they also give back to women who aren't as fortunate in their community. I think volunteering, donating or working towards a cause because it is just is something everyone should do a little bit more of (or a lot of, depending). Plus, they don't work on weekends, because that is when they spend their quality family time. You gotta love that. If only I could learn that lesson.

I have personally tested most of what The Bath Project sent me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lip scrub. Did I mention that I like it? Made from sugar, oil and a few other goodies, it makes my lips feel really soft and plush and tastes really sweet (I love to lick it off!). Nothing makes my lips as smooth and sweet as this concoction does. Topped off with a hydrating balm or Pucker Butter and it's a little bit of delicious heaven. The brownie soap, which I was honored to be among the first to check out, smells and looks like a real brownie. YUM! Mr. Lox almost took a bite of it, which would have been hilarious, had I not stopped him. The body frosting in Mango Lime, which also smells dreamy, is moisturizing and a wonderful treat when you get out of the shower. Plus, it smells exactly like what it is called. Nothing is artificial or chemical smelling. It makes my mouth water just to smell it! All of their products are handmade and are a fabulous find for you or as a gift for a friend.

Back to the downside. Rewind back to when I first received that wondrous email from Shannon, owner and creator of The Bath Project many moons ago. You might have to call the girl police and file a report or pull my beauty blogging card for what I am about to tell you. But...well...I don't take baths.

It's not because I think soaking in your own dirty water is a little weird (although I do). That isn't the reason. I wish it was that simple. The real reason is that I am terrified of sharks.

Always have been. Since I was a wee lass. I think I stared at the cover of my mom's Jaws novel for too long. I also don't go in pools (unless there is other bait, and then, only to get wet), lakes, ponds, cruises and heaven forbid I DON'T GET IN POOL LOUNGE CHAIRS. I worked on a TV spot for a National Aquarium and the footage made me jump each time the blowfish blew. I know it's crazy. I fully recognize this. To add to the insanity, I will get in the ocean. But only for a moment.

When Shannon contacted me, I decided to be a big girl and get over it. How ironic is it that the first company to contact me has BATH in the company name? I can get over that irrational, stupid fear, right? That very night, Mr. Lox got the bright idea to watch Rogue, a movie about a giant killer crocodile, which seriously set me back. (Although it is also really good.)

It was then I realized I can't take a bath. Even for the sake of beauty, science or country. I just can't do it. Mr. Lox offered to sit in the bathroom with me and I still chickened out. Sorry. I will do a lot of things. But I will not bathe (in a tub).

Enter super friend, Xina. Xina is a real girl. She takes baths. She is also a natural health practitioner, so she knows about natural stuff. (That said, she still eats cookies from the grocery store and stocks up on Diet Mountain Dew when I come over, so she's cool.) Which is why I am turning over the first product ever to be sent to Gouldylox Reviews to her - The Bath Project Botanical Bath Salts.

Check in tomorrow to see what she thinks.

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