Leslie, you WERE listening, weren't you? BE Matte Foundation

I like mineral-based foundations. In fact, I really like a lot of Bare Escentual products. I am not sure I am on board with their skin revival night-time products and no matter how many times they say it, it's better to wash your face at night than to wear your makeup to bed (although I have done a lot of both). That said, I have quite a collection of BE to back up my love for this line. (My fave kit so far is definitely the Rocker Eye kit.) I like BE so much I am a part of the BE Angel's Program - people selected by BE and given product to give out to friends. Sometimes, Leslie herself even writes me back when I have questions (she's really nice).

However, each summer, I have to put away my BE foundation because I am one of the unlucky girls who has a reaction to bismuth oxychloride in warmer weather and in humidity. Most BE products contain bismuth (many companies use this, not just BE). The way I understand it, it is what gives the luminous look, allows for the swirl, tap, buff application method and is a fairly inexpensive ingredient. Many other mineral foundations have cropped up that specifically avoid bismuth (a by-product of lead and copper metal refining, with chloride and water) because they know there is a need for mineral foundation sans this ingredient.

So how excited am I that Bare Escentuals has finally come out with a bismuth-free, matte version of their foundation? The matte version of the foundation does not contain bismuth oxychloride and after wearing it over the previous holiday weekend, I am happy to report it didn't make me itch! The coverage was definitely a little more matte, which I am ok with. I think it wore well, looked great and most importantly, felt great!

This isn't available just yet, but you can get a sample at any Sephora in person or online by using check out code BEMATTE.

I really liked it! You should check this out!

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  1. I received my free sample of the minerals! I've been using it for a week and I'm HOOKED!!! I LOVE IT!! I used a different minerals product made by Prescriptives... but you successfully converted me! THANK YOU!! I am also going to check out this new Matte Foundation! It looks like it's right up my alley!


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