Call the Girl Police: The Bath Project, Part 2

I finally conceded that I couldn't suck it up and take a bath. Don't get me wrong, I do take showers and am very clean. It's an irrational fear of water. Let's move on.

Xina kindly agreed to check out Botanical Bath Salts from The Bath Project for me, as she is very brave. (Plus she has a new fancy bathroom, so any excuse is probably welcomed.) A little bit about Xina: she is really into natural health and is actually a natural health practitioner. She knows her stuff. Xina is also a mosaic artist and designer who works on a lot of non-profit projects (which you know I appreciate!).

So what did she think? I will start out by saying Xina is a tough critic who likes what she likes. The product she tested contained Epsom salts, Chamomile, Lavender, Licorice Root and other natural and good for you goodies. She gives the ingredients big props for being serious stress busters. She loved the scent of the bath salts in the jar and wished the scent was actually stronger in the tub. This fact surprised me, as her nose is very sensitive.

Xina was excited to try a movie-worthy bath, laced with flower petals and other beautiful bits. Never having had a romantic feature-film style bath, she was curious to check it out. However, she wondered if it was going to be similar to when she wanted a skylight in the bedroom, which turned out to be better as an idea than it was in reality.

Xina found the bath very relaxing, but she was distracted by the floating flora. Turns out, for her, floaty bits are not up her alley, despite how pretty they looked. She said the bath did make her skin slightly softer, which was very nice. She did feel the need to rinse off to remove the flowery pieces after the bath. Since I don't take baths, I'm not sure if that is standard operating procedure or not. I don't get the whole process, so you decide.

I think the floating beauty that accompanied this bath would be appreciated by some, but sadly, it is wasted on Xina. However, if you prefer all natural products and are longing for a romantic bath, this is the product for you!

I'm afraid of the tub. You check it out!

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